January 9, 2019 Diane Simon

Hello awesome readers!
I’m going to take a few short paragraphs to answer some very common questions that I get asked regarding fashion colors.

Firstly, for those who are unfamiliar with the lingo, Fashion Color refers to those vibrant, unnatural, FUN colors us crazy youngins are all about these days; i.e. Violet, Mermaid blues, Rainbows, Etc. (Just check out our previous colors by searching the hashtag #FashionColor).

Next, to address a few common misconceptions about fashion color. These colors are NOT exclusively for us youngsters. There is no age limit on having fun with your hair color. As a matter of fact, between all of us here at A Little Zen, probably about 25% of our fashion color clients are over the age of 40. Don’t be afraid to step out of your box with us, we will never steer you wrong and we truly enjoy that fun that we’re able to have with our guests.

Many people ask why it’s such an expensive service. Without getting too crazy technical and into the science, product cost etc… Fashion color is a very time and product consuming process. We know it as a double process, meaning we have to lighten your hair, wash and dry it, then apply the fashion color, wash and dry again. On top of that we also have to include a cut, generally a style, and more often than not a color application that involves multiple colors and special application techniques that create a look that is customized to you. Take it 4 steps back, we have taken multiple classes before ever having you in our chair in order to ensure that we understand how the lightener and colors are effecting your hair and how to get you optimal results with minimal damage. These classes and our expertise are also a factor in our pricing, as with all of our services.

Maintenance is also a subject that comes up in a fashion color consultation. The maintenance on fashion color is not the same as traditional color. Lightening your roots every 6-8 weeks is imperative to the consistency in the shade of your color.
Going longer than 8 weeks can create uneven lifting and cause uneven color shades or muddy colors rather than those gorgeous, bright colors that are our end goal. The colors themselves have evolved a lot over the last few years in the way of being longer lasting than when they first busted onto the scene. We all know that fashion colors don’t last, but we can control how well they fade. At home care is a huge factor in how well your fashion colors will fade. Fading true to tone and as slow as possible is something that we have little to no control over once you leave our chair. This is a team effort, we will use the highest quality products that we know have been proven to fade well and we will recommend at home products to you so that you can maintain the same level of care that we put into your hair at home. Washing every day will cause your color to fade much faster than you would like (it is also unhealthy for your scalp AND hair regardless of your color choices, but that’s a blog for another time). Ideally, our fashion color clients would be washing every 2-4 days at most, using sulfate free shampoo, possibly a tinted shampoo if we determine it will be beneficial, and alcohol/salt free styling products. Dry shampoo can be extremely beneficial in your journey to less washes and, when used properly, might just become your favorite styling product!

Finally, please be prepared to spend 4-6 hours with us. Your hair length, density, and previous color history will affect the amount of time we spend together. If you have any time restrictions please always let your stylist know before we start the process. Also, keep in mind that your previous color history may change our approach from a double process to a full color correction. We determine this with the integrity of your hair at the forefront of our thought process. The most ideal way to start your fashion color adventure is with a consultation where we will create a customized game plan to suit your hair history, hair goals, and of course your budget.

Thanks for reading! Stop by and see us any time, we are always happy to share our extensive knowledge and get to know you!

~~ Zen Crew Member: Shawnee Mae

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