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David Simon




Absolute natural master of deep tissue, therapeutic and core re-alignment. I graduated from the “Milan Institute of Tech” in 2015 and opened “A Little Zen” shortly after, to make myself available to everyone who wants to feel good again.


I started using massage to relieve back pain and for injury management after I injured my back in the 90’s.

I had herniated 4 disk’s and blown one out. My doctors wanted me to fuse my back to relive the injury. However I knew this would be the end of me riding a bike . This is what started my experimenting with massage and stretching techniques to relive the injury pain. I was able to get myself back to almost normal without surgery and have been able to maintain myself through a long history of extreme sports, including Mountain biking, skateboarding and B.M.X and now roller skating. Over the years I have helped some of my friends and family with the techniques i have learned and developed for myself.

After years of working in electronics It was time for a change. After many suggestions from family and friends telling me that healing people was my real calling in life, I decided to make massage a career and go to school to get my official credentials. I graduated from Milan institute of tech in 2015 and opened A Little Zen shortly after, to make myself available to everyone who wants to feel good again.


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Your bodies ability to heal is greater than anyone
has permitted you to believe.
David Simon
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